• Saxophone Quartets
  • Chamber Music With Saxophone
  • Saxophone Solo or Saxophone With Electronics, Piano or Orchestra


  • Breath

    Jungyoon Wie
  • Where Her Eye Sits for voice and saxophone quartet

    George Lewis
  • Mending Time

    Martin Bresnick
  • Unsung Lullaby

    Juri Seo
  • Graffiti II

    Roberto Sierra
  • Old Tune Renewed

    Bright Sheng
  • Triathlon for Saxophonist and Orchestra

    John Corigliano
  • Obstacle Illusion

    Zoe Cutler
  • Kid Gloves

    Griffin Candey


  • Sweet and Doleful Timbres for soprano saxophone and guitar

    Pierre Jalbert
  • Matacuy

    Gonzalo Garrido-Lecca
  • Careful Shouts

    Nina Shekhar
  • Diptych for a Lockdown

    Andres Eloy Rodriguez
  • S.L.I.C.E.

    Chad 'Sir Wick' Hughes


  • Rise

    Karalyn Schubring


  • The Fifth Century for sax quartet and chamber choir

    Gavin Bryars
  • X Marks the Square for six saxophones

    Miguel Zenon
  • I Will Not Apologize for My Tone Tonight for sax quintet

    Rudresh Mahanthappa
  • Name Day for six saxophones

    Tim Ries
  • 15 Places at the Same Time for six saxophones

    Steve Lehman


  • Saxophone Concerto

    John Adams


  • Alternating Current for alto saxophone and wind ensemble

    Adam B. Silverman
  • Messages of White

    Lei Liang
  • The Singing Gobi Desert

    Bright Sheng


  • Compass

    David Rakowski
  • Lux Perpetua for soprano saxophone and orchestra

    Kathryn Salfelder


  • As of This Moment

    Ilana Rainero-de-Haan
  • raw power

    David T. Little
  • You’ve Been Talking in your Sleep

    David Biedenbender
  • Leafless Trees

    David Laganella


  • Monteverdi Responsories for saxophone quartet and chamber chorus

    Stratis Minakakis
  • The Frog Prince

    Andrea Grody
  • Chinatown for saxophone quartet and chinese instruments

    MingHsiu Yen
  • Zephyrus for saxophone quartet and chamber chorus

    Kristin P Kuster
  • Two by Four for flute, alto saxophone, cello, and vibraphone

    Robert Brownlow
  • Septet for saxophone quartet and chinese instruments

    Chen YI
  • Antiphony for Erhu, Daruan, Percussion, and Saxophone Quartet

    Zhou Long
  • Songs for Huqin and Saxophone Quartet

    Wang Gouwei
  • YUAN

    Lei Liang


  • PRISM (Memo 6b)

    Bernard Rands
  • Broken Tulip for flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, bassoon, contraforte, trombone and percussion

    Zae Munn
  • Golden Spike for soprano saxophone and orchestra

    Roshanne Etezady
  • Still the Fire for alto saxophone, violin, cello, and piano

    John Anthony Lennon
  • Strange Bedfellows for alto saxophone, piano, and percussion

    Robert Brownlow
  • Concerto for soprano saxophone and wind ensemble

    John Mackey


  • Escape Wisconsin for solo alto saxophone

    Caleb Burhans
  • GLINT for alto saxophone and clarinet

    Roshanne Etezady
  • Every Thing Must Go

    Martin Bresnick

    Stratis Minakakis
  • La Seine for solo alto saxophone

    James Matheson
  • Concerto for Soprano Saxophone

    Jennifer Higdon
  • Maxine

    Rand Steiger
  • Chamber Symphony No. 4 for saxophone and chamber winds

    Daniel McCarthy
  • and yes i said yes

    Victoria Cheah


  • Three Miniatures

    Matthew Levy
  • Ta Entos (Those Inside)

    Stratis Minakakis
  • Elegy

    MingHsiu Yen
  • As Biddeth Thy Tongue for solo alto saxophone

    Kati Agocs
  • Denk dir: for solo soprano saxophone

    Marcus Karl Maroney
  • McAllisters Ceilidh for soprano saxophone and piano

    Adam B Silverman
  • Hold-em for violin, tenor saxophone, clarinet, piano and percussion

    Roshanne Etezady


  • Mix-Deep Breaths-Remix

    Samuel Pluta
  • Paradigm Lost

    Lee Hyla
  • Animal, Vegetable, Mineral for saxophone quartet and orchestra

    Steven Mackey
  • Ludus No. 2

    Emiliano PardoTristan
  • Tidtu

    Jeff Myers
  • Manic

    Nathaniel Osborn
  • Lyric

    Matthew Levy
  • Ouroboros

    Stephen Wilcox
  • Naked Time

    Shawn Crouch
  • Hammering Away (at the Great Unknown)

    Caroline Mallonee


  • Scherzino

    William Bolcom
  • Howler Back

    Zack Browning
  • Jellyfish for alto saxophone and piano

    Kristin P Kuster
  • Phonai for saxophone quartet and percussion quartet

    Keith Moore
  • Happy Birthday to PRISM

    Chen YI
  • Wait a Minute...

    Libby Larsen
  • July 23, from sunrise to sunset, the summer of the S.E.P.S.A. bus rides destra e sinistra around Isc

    Ken Ueno
  • Breath Beneath

    Kristin P Kuster
  • Inkling

    Roshanne Etezady
  • Bop

    Jennifer Higdon
  • Lu

    Tim Ries
  • Rise for alto saxophone, piano and electronics

    Peter Terry
  • speed metal organum blues

    Gregory Wanamaker
  • Refraction

    Greg Osby
  • Centre for mild, medium-lasting, artificial happiness

    Donnacha Dennehy
  • Just a Minute, Chopin

    Adam B Silverman
  • Hive Mind

    Dennis DeSantis
  • Brokelyn

    Tim Berne
  • Animal, Vegetable, Mineral

    Steven Mackey
  • B-List

    Vincent Raikhel
  • Moment of Refraction

    Robert Capanna
  • The Edge for soprano, saxophones and cello

    Eugene McBride
  • KEEN

    Roshanne Etezady
  • The Pilgrimage of Metal and Wood

    Joshua Penman
  • still life is life still for alto saxophone and orchestra

    Gregory Wanamaker
  • Stink Up!

    Nick Didkovsky


  • the approach

    Juliana Trivers
  • Pseudopod

    Richard Belcastro
  • Consort II: Photogram

    Brian Fennelly
  • Short Stories

    James Primosch
  • Disclosure for alto saxophone, violin and bassoon

    Zae Munn
  • Fantasy Quartet No. 3 for tenor saxophone, violin, clarinet and piano

    Andrew Mead
  • Minimal Monk

    Anthony Cornicello
  • Saxophone Quartet No. 1

    Andrew Mead
  • streetlegal for soprano saxophone and piano

    Roshanne Etezady


  • Duo Sonata

    Gregory Wanamaker
  • Crows for alto saxophone and soprano

    John Howell Morrison
  • Six Bagatelles for alto saxophone and bassoon

    Andrew Mead
  • Vetro di trina for solo alto saxophone

    Bryan Burkett
  • You, Who Sang in Summer for violin, soprano saxophone, clarinet, bassoon, piano, and percussion

    Daniel McCarthy


  • veni, veni

    David Heinick
  • In Transit for alto saxophone and piano

    Mischa Zupko


  • Dandelions for alto saxophone and interactive electronics

    Timothy Place
  • Sonata deus sax machina for alto saxophone and piano

    Gregory Wanamaker
  • Out of the Blue

    Frank Tichelli


  • Tropicana

    Stella Sung
  • Dream Fragments

    Gregory Wanamaker
  • Funk Assault

    Zack Browning
  • Cold Water, Dry Stone for mixed sextet

    Evan Chambers
  • Variations/Doubles for alto saxophone and electronics

    Benjamin Broening
  • Passacaglia in Memoriam Carl Orff

    Ellwood Derr
  • Contrasts

    ChiaYu Hsu
  • Dervish

    Christopher Rutkowski


  • Sax Notes for alto saxophone and digital tape

    Paul Steinberg
  • ...con Cruces de Fuego for mixed sextet

    Erik Santos


  • Little Clown, My Heart: Three Love songs on texts by Sandra Cisneros for mixed septet

    John Berners
  • Balocco (version for solo alto saxophone)

    Juriaan Andriessen
  • Trio Sonata

    John Harbison


  • Fugue

    Marianne Ploger
  • Doubles IV for alto saxophone and piano (U.S. Premiere)

    David Rowland
  • Sonata for soprano saxophone and piano

    Garland Anderson
  • Sonata for alto saxophone and piano (U.S. Premiere)

    Hans Kox
  • Octaphone for saxophone ensemble

    Michael Timpson


  • Finita est Comedia for mixed sextet

    Benjamin Broening
  • Come Down Heavy! for violin, saxophone and piano

    Evan Chambers
  • Sexet

    Stephen Rush


  • Extended Dance Suite

    Bruce Bielawa
  • Velocity for solo soprano saxophone

    Martijn Hostetler


  • Fantasy for solo saxophone

    David Strom


  • Saxscape

    Tim Crowley
  • Sonata for alto saxophone and piano

    Brian Kershner


  • Conversations

    John Burkwell