• Timothy McAllister & Liz Ames: Project Encore, Vol. 1

    From mechanical stutterings framing arguably the most famous pop sax solo in history to a crooning theater ballad; from elegiac music inspired by pandemic lockdowns to jubilant outbursts of renewal and hope, PROJECT ENCORE, VOLUME 1, is a channel-surfing mosaic of modern composition at its finest. McAllister notes, “there is a mission and a level of musical activism behind this album, and nothing can speak to the state and richness of concert music today like the saxophone.”

    The collected works on this first volume, and the Ann Arbor-based duo’s third album since 2020, features the music of Nina Shekhar, Jennifer Jolley, Andre Myers, Zoe Cutler, Griffin Candey, Matthew Evan Taylor, Karalyn Schubring, Marianne Ploger, Chad “Sir Wick” Hughes, Jim Territo, Armando Bayolo, Corey Dundee, Andrés Eloy Rodriguez, and Gonzalo Garrido-Lecca.

    Release Date September 16, 2022
    Producer Neuma Records
    Catalog Number NEUMA165
  • PRISM Quartet: Heritage/Evolution Vol. 2

    Heritage/Evolution, Vol. 2 is a celebration of the saxophone. The intrepid PRISM Quartet joins sax icons Ravi Coltrane, Joe Lovano, and Chris Potter to explore their instrument’s dual lineages in classical music and jazz. “But that’s just a starting point,” writes WNYC’s John Schaefer. “The works presented here reconcile two apparently divergent traditions, from totally notated scores at one end to completely free improvisation at the other, and a dizzying array of possibilities in between.”

    Release Date August 13, 2021
    Producer XAS Records
    Catalog Number XAS 113
  • Notturno: Timothy McAllister & Liz Ames

    Music of William Albright, David Biedenbender, Edison Denisov, Bruno Mantovani, Steven Stucky, Augusta Read Thomas.
    Grammy Award-winning saxophonist and PRISM Quartet member Timothy McAllister releases his first solo album on XAS Records with acclaimed pianist Liz Ames. Marking 25 years since his debut solo recording, this compendium draws together cherished masterpieces in the repertoire alongside new discoveries to usher in the instrument’s future.

    Release Date July 24, 2020
    Producer XAS Records
    Catalog Number 109
  • Westland: Music of Andy Scott; Timothy McAllister & Liz Ames

    Andy Scott is a British Composer Award winner and a founder member of the Apollo Saxophone Quartet. As a saxophonist for over 40 years, Scott’s virtuosic yet harmonically subtle music is open to a wide variety of influences. His works are performed on this album by the world-famous virtuoso Timothy McAllister and celebrated pianist Liz Ames, along with the admired English author Lemn Sissay narrating his own poem on My Mountain Top

    Release Date July 10, 2020
    Producer NAXOS
    Catalog Number 8.579076
  • PRISM Quartet: Surfaces and Essences

    In its first 35 years on the scene, the PRISM Quartet has proven that the saxophone quartet is one of the most versatile chamber music ensembles, capable of expressing music created in an extraordinary range of styles—from works that exploit a level of homogenous blending perhaps only otherwise attainable by a string quartet to wild, raucous scores involving improvisation and myriad extended techniques. PRISM has now served as a muse for generations of composers, so it is perhaps fitting that, for this latest addition to their extensive discography, the group features a set of new works written for them by five younger composers, only one of whom was born before PRISM came into existence. Surfaces and Essences features a remarkable collection of works by rising stars Christopher Biggs, Victoria Cheah, Viet Cuong, Emily Koh, and Joseph Sowa.

    Release Date April 17, 2020
    Producer XAS Records
    Catalog Number 108
  • PRISM Quartet: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral

    The PRISM Quartet’s ambitious program of commissioning and championing new works for saxophone has produced some wonderful, unexpected connections between pieces and composers. The opening work on this album, Emma O’Halloran’s “Night Music,” and the closing piece, “Cha” by Julia Wolfe, come from composers of different generations and different countries. But both, in their own ways, were inspired by the rhythms of Latin music. O’Halloran’s piece and Kristin Kuster’s “Red Pine” are both examples of tone painting; Wolfe’s “Cha” and Anna Weesner’s “Vamp” both have family stories behind them. And Steven Mackey’s piece, which gives this collection its title, connects the entire project with music that, in the composer’s words, are “about the sound of ‘stuff’ – flesh, wood and metal, Animal, Vegetable, Mineral.”

    Release Date December 6, 2019
    Producer XAS Records
    Catalog Number 107
  • Brussels Philharmonic: Lost Horizon (featuring Connesson’s ‘A Kind of Trane’)

    International Classical Music Awards 2019 - Nominee - Contemporary Music
    New double CD with music by Guillaume Connesson and with soloists Timothy McAllister and Renaud Capuçon released by Deutsche Grammophon!

    Written during a brief period between 2015 (A Kind of Trane) and 2018 (Les Horizons Perdus), these four scores show the many facets of a composer who draws his inspiration from the sources of scholarly art as much as popular, without borders or taboos.

    Release Date April 7, 2019
    Producer Deutsche Grammophon
    Catalog Number 4818045
  • Kenneth Fuchs: Spiritualist (with Saxophone Concerto “Rush”)

    Celebrating Kenneth Fuchs’s fifteen-year musical collaboration with JoAnn Falletta and the London Symphony Orchestra! Our fifth Naxos recording, featuring four star soloists, was released on 10 August 2018. Order today: https://naxos.lnk.to/spiritualist

    Release Date August 10, 2018
    Producer NAXOS
    Catalog Number 8.559824
  • Berlin Philharmonic: The John Adams Edition

    Featuring John Adams’s CITY NOIR
    Gustavo Dudamel, conductor
    Timothy McAllister, saxophone

    Release Date November 10, 2017
    Producer Berliner Philharmoniker Recordings
    Catalog Number BPHR170141
  • PRISM Quartet: Paradigm Lost

    If it is possible for a group with over three decades of pioneering work to reintroduce itself, then that’s what Paradigm Lost does for the PRISM Quartet. After a string of important and boundary-busting releases on Innova, ECM, and many other labels, this collection firmly establishes PRISM’s own XAS label, and offers a kind of “State of the Union” address for the saxophone quartet.

    Release Date September 22, 2017
    Producer XAS Records
    Catalog Number XAS103
  • Wayne Peterson: And The Winds Shall Blow

    Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Gil Rose
    Music by Wayne Peterson


    And the Winds Shall Blow (with PRISM Quartet)

    Release Date June 16, 2017
    Producer BMOP Sound
  • PRISM Quartet: Color Theory

    Music for Saxophones, Percussion and Harry Partch Instruments

    Blue Notes and Other Clashes (2016) by Steven Mackey (b. 1956)
    PRISM Quartet and Sō Percussion

    Future Lilacs (2016) by Ken Ueno (b. 1970)
    PRISM Quartet, Partch, Derek Johnson, Stratis Minakakis

    Skiagrafies (2016) by Stratis Minakakis (b. 1979)
    PRISM Quartet, Partch, Stratis Minakakis

    Release Date April 14, 2017
    Producer XAS Records
    Catalog Number XAS102
  • Gavin Bryars: The Fifth Century (The Crossing and PRISM Quartet)

    2017 GRAMMY-Award Winner for “Best Choral Performance”, this is the first, full ECM album from Bryars in decades is The Fifth Century, which includes the seven-part title work: a slowly evolving – yet immediately involving – setting of words by 17th-century English mystic Thomas Traherne, performed by the mixed choir of The Crossing with saxophone quartet PRISM.

    Release Date November 18, 2016
    Producer ECM New Series
    Catalog Number ECM 2405
  • Zae Munn: They Were Mysterious Guests

    On her debut Navona Records release THEY WERE MYSTERIOUS GUESTS, composer Zae Munn showcases works for alto saxophone in eclectic chamber combinations, featuring internationally-renowned saxophonist Timothy McAllister alongside an all-star cast of collaborative artists Kimberly Burja, Jill Heyboer, David Jackson, Sandra Jackson, George Sakakeeny, Henry Skolnick, Lucia Unrau, Daniel Vega-Albela, David Murray, Tracy Satterfield, Chet Baughman, Jeffrey Siegfried, and Thomas Snydacker.

    Release Date March 10, 2015
    Producer Navona Records
    Catalog Number 5991
  • Belle Nuit: Kathryn Goodson

    Presenting two programs, Sonate et Rhapsodie: 4 Major Works and Romance et Mélodie: 16 Miniatures, this album showcases the refined lyricism of bass trombonist Randall Hawes, saxophonists Timothy McAllister and Donald Sinta, and hornist Gail Williams. Combined with Goodson’s colorful pianism, these musicians express the imagery of love, loss, and passion with bel canto phrasing, through works by Debussy, Duparc, Fauré, Franck, Messiaen, Massenet, and more.

    Release Date November 11, 2014
    Producer Navona Records
    Catalog Number NV5983
  • John ADAMS: City Noir/Saxophone Concerto; David Robertson/St. Louis Symphony

    2015 GRAMMY-Award winner for “Best Orchestral Performance”, Nonesuch Records’ “John Adams: City Noir”—comprising the title piece by composer John Adams and the debut recording of his Saxophone Concerto—was released on May 6, 2014. Both pieces are performed by the St. Louis Symphony led by Music Director David Robertson. Saxophonist Timothy McAllister is featured on both pieces.

    Release Date May 6, 2014
    Producer Nonesuch Records
    Catalog Number 541356
  • PRISM Quartet/Music From China: The Singing Gobi Desert

    Partnering here with the ensemble Music from China, PRISM presents works by four Chinese-born American composers: Bright Sheng, Lei Liang, Fang Man, and Huang Ruo. The Singing Gobi Desert reveals that saxophones and Chinese instruments have a natural, if unexpected, affinity. From Bright Sheng’s title track to Fang Man’s “Dream of a Hundred Flowers” this music is no simple fusion or mashup, but rather a deep integration of traditions, as reliant on the PRISM Quartet’s extended techniques.

    Release Date March 24, 2014
    Producer Innova Recordings
    Catalog Number innova885
  • John Cage: Simone Mancuso, percussion (& guest artists)

    In this new compilation of percussion and multi-media works by John Cage, Simone Mancuso presents riveting interpretations recording in life-like high fidelity. Included is Timothy McAllister’s version of “Ryoanji”, originally for oboe and percussion, heard here on soprano and alto saxophones.

    Release Date December 21, 2012
    Producer Stradivarius
    Catalog Number STR33941
  • Soprano Saxophone Concerto by John Mackey

    Recorded in May 2009 for Tresona Multimedia, this thrilling concerto by John Mackey redefines the repertoire for the soprano saxophone and is performed here by one of the nation’s top collegiate wind ensembles and conductors with renowned soloist, Tim McAllister.

    Release Date November 1, 2012
    Producer TRESONA Multimedia
    Catalog Number 111931
  • Philip Glass - The Passion of Ramakrishna/Meetings Along the Edge

    The bonus track from the iTunes release of the Pacific Symphony’s The Passion of Ramakrishna by Philip Glass features Meetings Along the Edge, an early collaboration between Glass and Ravi Shankar. Here fully orchestrated, the track features PRISM Quartet members Timothy McAllister and Taimur Sullivan on soprano saxophones.

    Release Date September 4, 2012
    Producer Orange Mountain Music
  • Heitor Villa Lobos: Sexteto mistico and other chamber music

    Release Date May 3, 2011
    Producer NAXOS
    Catalog Number 9.70127

    DEDICATION features music composed in celebration of the PRISM Quartet’s 20th anniversary in 2004 by a slew of today’s top composers with a knack for the sax. PRISM has expanded the world of the sax quartet through their commissions and performances since 1984. Their dedication has paid off with this virtuosic showcase of instrumental acrobatics.

    Release Date May 1, 2011
    Producer Innova Recordings
    Catalog Number innova800
  • David Laganella: The Calls of Gravity

    PRISM Quartet performs David Laganella’s Leafless Trees (2010). Other works performed by pianist Marilyn Nonken and Ensemble CMN.

    Release Date December 1, 2010
    Producer New Focus Recordings

    Exciting new works for solo saxophone, saxophone and piano, and electronics by award-winning composers Kati Agocs, Daniel Asia, Caleb Burhans, Roshanne Etezady, Philippe Hurel, Kristin Kuster, Peter Terry, and Gregory Wanamaker. Heralded as “an amazing achievement” (Fanfare, Nov/Dec. 2010).

    Release Date June 29, 2010
    Producer Innova Recordings
    Catalog Number innova764
  • DG Concerts: John Adams City Noir

    Re-live the excitement of the World Premiere of John Adams’ darkly atmospheric City Noir, the final panel of his southern California triptych. DG Concerts presents the live concert broadcast recording available directly on iTunes. Named by iTunes as the “Best Live Classical Recording of 2010”

    Release Date May 11, 2010
    Producer Deutsche Grammophon
  • Martin Bresnick: Every Thing Must Go

    Most of the music on this recording honors artists whose works are going or have gone. The compositions celebrate the work of departed masters Yehuda Amichai, György Ligeti, Johannes Brahms and Willie Dixon (among others) and the title honors the last album recorded by Walter Becker and Donald Fagin of Steely Dan. The distinguished American composer Martin Bresnick’s compositions are performed throughout the world and he is the recipient of many prizes and commissions including The Rome Prize, The Berlin Prize and a Guggenheim Fellowship, among many others.

    Release Date May 1, 2010
    Producer Albany Records
  • Oncoming Traffic (Robert Spring, clarinet)

    Release Date April 13, 2010
    Producer Summit Records
    Catalog Number Summit534
  • PRISM Quartet: Breath Beneath

    World Premiere recordings of new, exciting American quartets by Kati Agocs, Zack Browning, Roshanne Etezady, Ross Feller, Kristin Kuster, and Rand Steiger.

    Release Date February 2, 2010
    Producer New Dynamic Records
  • ANTIPHONY: PRISM Quartet and Music From China

    East meets West in this stunning new collaboration between the PRISM Quartet and the acclaimed ensemble, Music From China, which specializes in contemporary and traditional works for ancient chinese instruments. The album includes world premiere recordings of works by Chen Yi, Zhou Long, Wang Gouwei, Lei Liang, Ming-Shiu Yen, and Tan Dun.

    Release Date December 21, 2009
    Producer Innova Recordings
    Catalog Number innova767
  • Gustavo Dudamel: The Inaugural Concert

    This DVD features the Inaugural Concert of Gustavo Dudamel’s tenure as Music Director of the LA Philharmonic. Timothy McAllister is featured throughout as saxophonist in John Adams’ monumental new work, CITY NOIR.

    Release Date December 15, 2009
    Producer Deutsche Grammophon
    Catalog Number DVD-VIDEO NTSC 000440 073 4531 3
  • Nixon in China

    Release Date October 27, 2009
    Producer NAXOS
    Catalog Number 8669022-24
  • Towers of Power

    World Premiere recording of Daniel McCarthy’s Chamber Symphony No. 4 for Saxophones and Winds. Other works include Anthony Plog’s Flute Concerto (Brian Luce, flute) and Philip Glass’ Concerto for Two Timpani, featuring Jonathan Haas and Gary Cook.

    Release Date April 1, 2009
    Producer Albany Records
    Catalog Number TROY1108
  • PRISM Quartet: Concertos for Saxophone Quartet

    PRISM presents World Premiere recordings of William Bolcom’s Concerto Grosso and Steven Mackey’s Animal, Vegetable, Mineral with the Boston Modern Orchestra Project. The works were recorded in May 2008, and the project marks PRISM’s fourth release on the innova label.

    Release Date March 17, 2009
    Producer Innova Recordings
    Catalog Number 731
  • America’s Millennium Tribute to Adolphe Sax, Volume XIII

    Featuring Tim McAllister as Volume 13’s Headline Artist in his new recording of Philippe Hurel’s virtuosic spectral work, OPCIT (1984) for solo tenor saxophone.

    Release Date February 7, 2008
    Producer Arizona University Recordings
    Catalog Number AURCD 3130
  • Pitch Black: Music for Saxophones by JacobTV

    Features Jacob ter Veldhuis’ quartets Pitch Black, Jesus is Coming, and Postnuclear Winterscenario No. 10. Also included are solo works Grab It! (Matthew Levy, tenor saxophone), Billie (Taimur Sullivan, alto saxophone), and The Garden of Love (Timothy McAllister, soprano saxophone).

    Release Date January 8, 2008
    Producer Innova Recordings
    Catalog Number 693
  • Music for Saxophones by William Albright

    The PRISM Quartet pays homage to William Albright (1944-1998) in this innova release. This remarkable disc of Albright’s principal works for saxophone offers powerful testimony to the full range of his personality and his fascination with the expressive power of the instrument. A composer whose works move from sublime laments to raucous jazz, Albright created an extensive body of saxophone repertoire that is at once virtuosic, soulful, and daringly eclectic. His deep affinity for the instrument lasted throughout his career, until a long struggle with alcoholism led to his untimely death at the age of 53. Albright exerted a profound influence on the artistic development of the PRISM Quartet during the ensemble’s formative years at the University of Michigan in the 1980s, inspiring them to champion new music with over 100 commissions by many of the nation’s most celebrated composers.

    Release Date October 1, 2007
    Producer Innova Recordings
    Catalog Number 687
  • In Transit

    This exciting album contains American masterworks by Milton Babbitt and William Albright and World Premiere recordings of new compositions by award-winning composers Roshanne Etezady, Gregory Wanamaker, and Mischa Zupko.

    Release Date April 11, 2006
    Producer Innova Recordings
    Catalog Number 652
  • toys in the attic: Electroacoustic Music from UMKC iMPACT Center

    Timothy McAllister performs Timothy Place’s Dandelions for alto saxophone and live computer processing.

    Release Date January 1, 2003
    Producer Centaur Records, Inc.
    Catalog Number CRC 2605
  • Jerome Moross: Orchestral Works

    Release Date November 1, 2002
    Producer NAXOS
    Catalog Number 8.559086
  • Cold Water Dry Stone

    This recording, consisting entirely of the music of recently-named Composer-in-Residence Evan Chambers, creatively occupies these “in-between spaces.” Neither strictly classical nor strictly folk music, Cold Water Dry Stone nevertheless paints a broad portrait of Chambers’ musical life. Also featured is soprano Jennifer Goltz, who performs three songs on texts of Robert Tannahill (1774-1810), a poet and songwriter from Paisley, Scotland. The disc’s title work was commissioned by Quorum and premiered in New York’s Merkin Hall in 1999.

    Release Date January 1, 2001
    Producer Albany Records
    Catalog Number TROY422
  • Scena

    Release Date July 18, 2000
    Producer Equilibrium Records, Inc.
    Catalog Number CD32
  • America’s Millennium Tribute to Adolphe Sax, Volume V

    Release Date July 1, 2000
    Producer Arizona University Recordings
    Catalog Number AUR 3113
  • Do It! Play the Saxophone

    Timothy McAllister completed this recording project in 1998 in collaboration with noted music educator James O. Froseth called Do It! Play the Saxophone for G.I.A. Publications. Books available include alto and tenor saxophones, with over 70 minutes of music in each, including acoustical accompaniments and early improvisatory exercises.

    Release Date January 1, 1998
    Producer G.I.A. Publications, Inc.
  • Visions: Duo Nuova

    This premiere disc by Duo Nuova contains world-premiere recordings of Rodney Rogers’ Lessons of the Sky for Soprano Saxophone and Piano, and Howard Harrison’s arrangement of Prokofiev’s Visions Fugitives. Also featured are William Bolcom’s Lilith, John Anthony Lennon’s Distances Within Me, and transcriptions of works by Ravel and Platti.

    Release Date August 1, 1996
    Producer Centaur Records, Inc.
    Catalog Number CRC 2280
  • Imaginary Landscape Percussion Music

    Release Date February 22, 1996
    Producer Equilibrium Records, Inc.
    Catalog Number EQ003
  • Border Crossings Percussion Music

    Second version of Michael Kowalski’s Vapor Trails as well as works by Daugherty, Rouse, Udow and others.

    Release Date October 5, 1994
    Producer Equilibrium Records, Inc.
    Catalog Number EQ002
  • Gringo Blaster The Music of Michael Kowalski

    Featured on this disc is the World Premiere recording of Vapor Trails by New York Composer Michael Kowalski. The work is written for four saxophones, four percussionists, and solo bongos. The ensemble includes Colin Stetson, soprano saxophone, Jeffrey Rolka, alto saxophone, Christopher Creviston, tenor saxophone, Timothy McAllister, baritone saxophone, and members of the University of Michigan Percusssion Ensemble, Scott Parkman, conductor. The composer produced and supervised this Einstein Records release.

    Release Date January 1, 1994
    Producer Einstein Records
    Catalog Number EIN008